WNY Imaging Group CT Scans

Computed tomography is a technology that uses X-rays to produce ‘slices’ of the inside of the body. 


WNY Imaging provides the highest level of customer service while offering the full spectrum of diagnostic CT scanning with and without contrast. WNY Imaging also has expert CTA capabilities. With the latest in technology and amenities, WNY Imaging is your preferred destination. For example, if you need a procedure that requires oral contrast, WNY Imaging has a variety of flavors to choose from. Our CT scanner is a 64-slice, large opening, which makes you as comfortable as possible, especially if you’re claustrophobic.

A CT scan is a painless medical test that helps our radiologists diagnose a variety of medical conditions. CT imaging uses special X-ray equipment to produce multiple images of the inside of the body. These cross-sectional images of the area being studied can then be examined digitally or in print. CT scans provide greater clarity and more detailed images than an X-ray.

The staff at WNY Imaging is always available to answer your questions or address your concerns prior to scheduling an appointment. Feel free to contact a WNY Imaging Group professional today and schedule an appointment for your diagnostic CT scan.