Western New York Is Your Imaging Destination

WNY Imaging Group welcomes all Canadian patients. We understand that your local outpatient wait times may be long. If you need to see an imaging specialist and get your results faster, schedule an appointment with WNY Imaging Group.

You’ll get same-day results, leave with your images on a disc and we’ll send your reports directly to your physician within 24 hours. We offer the same friendly, comforting experience with the most cutting edge technology for every procedure. See the pricing list below and schedule your appointment.

Pricing Breakdown

WNY Imaging Group Cash Pricing 

StudyCash Price
One (1) MRI Without Contrast*


Two (2) MRI Without Contrast*


Three (3) MRI Without Contrast*


Breast MRI with Contrast


MRI Arthrogram with Contrast


CT Scan (Includes Contrast if Needed)


Coronary CTA with Contrast






Digital Motion X-ray


Nuclear Medicine

Please Call for Pricing



Mammography (Digital) with CAD


Screening CT


Lab Work


* If contrast is needed, a one-time fee of $100.00 is issued.

Payment via cash in US funds or major credit card is expected at the time of your scheduled appointment.



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